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KATONAH YOGA® Developed by Nevine Michaan provides tools and techniques for the yoga practitioner and teacher to be layered over, intertwined and used as a map to greater insight. 

We ask....

1. That you have completed and registered with at least a 200hr RYT (Yoga Alliance) training. From anywhere, any lineage, studio, school and mentor.

2. You Log 200hrs (or 3 years) in a KATONAH YOGA® "mentorship".  10 hrs of which must be completed HERE, KATONAH YOGA CENTER in Bedford Hills, NY. Within the 10 hours here, 4hrs will be with NEVINE MICHAAN.

You can design your own path to suit your needs...


        a)A formal and personal MENTORSHIP agreement with any certified KATONAH YOGA teacher who will initial your hours studying with them. 

        b) A  series of classes, TRAININGS, workshops, privates with multiple KATONAH YOGA® teachers; initialed, documented.

        c) A combination of mentors, trainings, classes, private instruction. Documented and Initialed by our community of certified KATONAH YOGA teachers.

3. COMPLETION: you will sign an agreement officiating your title as a certified KATONAH YOGA Teacher. You may begin to offer KATONAH YOGA® in your classes, workshops, and musings. It is required to Stay connected, participate in community and help fortify our interactive global network!








Please email us directly (below) for the detailed guidelines to get you started.

*** If you have been studying KATONAH YOGA, are inspired by KATONAH YOGA or have already begun to offer KATONAH YOGA and have questions. Contact us!

We are happy to discuss where you are on your journey and facilitate the completion of your certificate.

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Becoming a Katonah Yoga Teacher