Class Descriptions



Katonah Yoga

Katonah Yoga has been developed by Nevine Michaan and her teachers over the last forty years. Synthesizing traditional Hatha yoga, classical taoist theory, mathematics, mythology and metaphor, Katonah Yoga provides a clear yet powerful understanding of “self.” Taught by Certified Katonah Yoga teachers from all over the world, classes feature asana, pranayama and adjustments in a non-competitive and welcoming environment.

Katonah Yoga is both spiritually refined and eminently practical. As an egalitarian yoga, it works for novices as well as advanced body workers.

Introduction to Katonah Yoga

Participate in your own well being, all you have to do is show up. Whether you are new to yoga or someone who has practiced elsewhere, Katonah Yoga will be new to you. In this class Diane will acquaint you with a Katonah Yoga practice and theory at a slower pace and in an abbreviated time (an hour as opposed to most classes of 90 minutes). Discover a new way of being.



Pranayama is the breathwork of Hatha yoga. This class, taught by a variety of experienced teachers, is a seated, hour-long, guided breath meditation that uses Katonah Yoga theory and metaphors to engage the imagination. The class focuses on techniques and practices to manipulate the breath to use for personal well being.  




With two teachers as guides, this Katonah Yoga class cultivates one’s potential through a multifaceted perspective with attentive physical adjustments. This co-taught class is open to all students and weaves the Katonah Yoga narrative, including asana as origami, form + function and breathwork..

Multi Intenso

David teaches a multi-intentional, multi-dimensional strength and mobility class that incorporates calisthenics strength training with movement and mobility drills that will build a solid and integrated physique, upright posture, and extraordinary range of movement.

Learn to stand on your hands and feet with grace, power, and confidence.

Expect push-ups, hard core–core conditioning, hand standing drills, and back strengthening forward and backward bends. Look like an ex-con and move like a yogi after a series of multi-intenso intensive trainings.


Hatha Yoga

Focused and well-rounded instruction in the Iyengar tradition, a form of Hatha yoga, Tracey presents an easygoing and accessible style. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi looking to refine and deepen your practice, this mixed-level class offers something for everyone. A perfect way to end your day.

Restorative Yoga Sound Meditation 

Leydin teaches a gentle restorative yoga class incorporating the sounds of crystal singing bowls with the gong while weaving the breath throughout the practice.

Yin Restorative

Monique teaches a Yin yoga class which targets the deep connective tissues and the fascia that covers the body while helping to regulate the flow of energy. This class will be taught as a seasonal practice with a unique blend of poses that link breath to movement combined with longer holds in classic Katonah Yoga measurement. With a focus on gentle flow and restorative sequencing this class is designed to help the student find space, relax deeply and get ready for his/her week ahead.


Insight Meditation

Insight meditation, known as vipassana in the Buddhist tradition, is a simple technique that has been practiced in Asia for over 2,500 years. Beginning with the focusing of attention on the breath and developing awareness of all phenomena, the practice concentrates and calms the mind. It allows one to see through the mind’s conditioning and thereby one lives more fully present in the moment. Gina’s teaching is non-sectarian, although the ethics and traditions of buddhist psychology are included for guidance, there is no requirement that any beliefs or rituals be adopted, although an open mind is requested. The practice develops clarity of seeing which allows grasping, judgment and fear to fall away. One discovers and cultivates qualities such as peace, vitality, compassion, equanimity, wisdom, joy and moral integrity. The ultimate aim of the practice is the ending of suffering in the discovery of an unconditioned and complete freedom. Each session includes 45 minutes of sitting meditation (detailed instructions are given), 15 minutes of walking meditation, a talk and discussion. It is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators and everyone is welcome.