Glyphs and Maps by  Nevine Michaan , Illustrated by  Susan Fierro  

Glyphs and Maps by Nevine Michaan, Illustrated by Susan Fierro 


My body is my vehicle, my breath is my fuel, and my vision gives me the ability to read maps to have a transcendental experience. Starting my vehicle with my key in the ignition is a metaphor for lighting my pilot light, my reproductive glands. Hearing an alarm when I get on my seat is my adrenals telling me to put on my seat belt and stay safe. When my gas meter signals near empty, I stop to pump gas. My spleen pancreas signals me to get food when I’m hungry; to think, ponder, chew and exercise good judgment. Otherwise, I become light headed and malfunction. My thyroid is my ventilating system. When it is too hot or too cold I open my windows. My thymus gland is my steering wheel. When I start to steer to the right and my vehicle goes to the left, I know that I have an immune system problem. My pituitary gland is my side and rear view mirror allowing me to see what is beside me and what is behind me. Yoga is like “no fault” insurance. When somebody blindsides me, I still have to deal with the consequences even if it is not my fault. Yoga is about self-responsibility. When I use my pituitary well, I have a better vision to see what is coming. It is the power to sniff out a bad deal, to become big when I need to, to become small so I am not to be noticed.

Going to the ball of my foot, as if pressing the pedal of my accelerator, I tip forward to an ACUTE angle and become anxious, RAJASIC. I assert myself to achieve my goals. Becoming too acute, I become neurotic. Digging in my heels like putting on the brakes, I become OBTUSE, TAMASIC. I hold ground; I stand firm on my beliefs. When I am unable to adjust to circumstances, I become stubborn and maybe depressed. When I stay in between my arches, at a RIGHT angle, I am centered, balanced and present. The present moment moves. To stay at this right angle is to be fully present in the moment. I become SATTVIC, satisfied, satiated. Looking at the GUNAS in this way allows me to skillfully apply an appropriate rhythm in the ongoing dialogue between my body, my mind and my breath. Joy unfolds when I balance all the polarities in my body as my vehicle.

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Note: The teachings, metaphors and language of Katonah Yoga as I share in this journey are by Nevine Michaan and her teachers. Any omissions and errors are mine.
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