Glyphs and Maps by  Nevine Michaan , Illustrated by  Susan Fierro  

Glyphs and Maps by Nevine Michaan, Illustrated by Susan Fierro 

The Katonah Magic Square is a map with 9 rooms (see glyph). I use this image bank to orient and situate myself in time and space. Each room is assigned a coded number. All polarities add up to 10 and all trinities add up to 15. 

BOTTOM  – stability, primal

6:  Right Foot – risk taking, virility, male root.  I put my best foot forward to substantiate my vision. Paternal. Adrenals. Balancing fear, safety and hearing.

1:  Third Foot - Entry into FORM. The seed awakened. Coming from universal consciousness into the personal, I get to live in this body. Endocrine. Fire ascending from its depth.

8:  Left Foot - The nature of form in the container. To achieve my goals, I must have the willpower to pursue them. Earth. Maternal. I work with what I have inherited. For instance, it is not my first nature to fly. Having a form, I can be informed, malformed, deformed, transformed or conformed. In a universe of forms, I can become formidable. Pancreas. Thinking, pondering and exercising good judgment.


MIDDLE – ability, communal

7:  Right Hand - The virtue of handling the world and becoming competent by developing skills and techniques. Pituitary. 

5:  Third Hand - The center of my circumference and the crossroads of my consciousness. I mediate, modulate and meditate all my polarities. I vibrate out in radiance and concentrate in towards my center, as circumstances require. Thymus. It is the implicit subtle body accessed by the explicit eyes, hands and feet.

3:  Left Hand - Handles home, family, personal emotions, the hand of marriage and friendships. Thyroid. It is the hand of the heart and my ability to articulate and ventilate my feelings.

TOP  – vision, astral

2:  Right Eye - What was I thinking? I reflect, react on the goals in the back of my mind from my experiences turning into memories. I am goal setting for good fortune. It is the line of communication of each side, playing opposition and reconciliation. 

9:  Third Eye - I engage my imagination with a narrative thread that moves through all rooms in my house without breaking circuit. It is the pinnacle of achievement to the nth degree. My pineal glands open me to the integrated vision of my whole being. Pineal.

4:  Left Eye - 4 is a frame, where I refine and define my vision. It is where I look out into my day and see the dawning of my potential in the horizon and developing foresight.

10:  My circumference - one in a higher dimension. It is the sphere encircling my 9 rooms. It is greater than the sum of its parts, an integrated whole, my Higher Self. I am one with the Universe and the Universe is one with me!

Each part of the house can further be subdivided into 9 parts. Each is a fractal. Biting a crumb of a cake tells me what the whole cake tastes like. I can spin each polarity, such as grace and effort with 1 and 9 (visualizing water as grace coming down and fire as effort rising up) or time such as 3 and 7 (east to west, dawn to dusk), or build trinities such as seizing the day using 4, 5 and 6. I weave a narrative thread using my imagination by moving from 1 to 10, the Golden Thread, which is up next.

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Note: The teachings, metaphors and language of Katonah Yoga as I share in this journey are by Nevine Michaan and her teachers. Any omissions and errors are mine.

Eva Giorgi