Glyphs and Maps by  Nevine Michaan , Illustrated by  Susan Fierro  

Glyphs and Maps by Nevine Michaan, Illustrated by Susan Fierro 

The Golden Thread, also known as sutra atman, is material in the astral plane, it is mythic and archetypal. My imagination, my thoughts and ideas weave my story; and with it, I skillfully use the narrative to unravel the knot.

In the story of Ariadne's Thread, it is with her string ball that helps Theseus find his way out of the labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur. In the story of Penelope's Shroud, the deal was once she finishes her father-in-law’s shroud, she has to marry a new King. She then weaves and unweave it, thereby stopping time, allowing for her husband to return. By weaving my narrative thread in my imagination through my body using the Katonah Magic Square, I map the neural pathways of my polarities and mediate them with my center. Every time I have 15, I win. 

My 10 wraps:

1, 9 – If I want grace, I make the effort.

2, 8 – When I have goals, I embody it. I willfully pursue my goal. 

3, 7 – With the dawning of my potential in the east, I reflect on the experiences of my day in the west. I make time to do what I set out to experience.

4, 6 – If I have a vision of my future, I put my foot into it. I take risks to substantiate what I envisioned.

5,10 – I find my center. I mediate, modulate and meditate on my polarities. I draw into concentration or expand to radiance to my circumference.

6,4 – When I take risks, I substantiate my vision.

7,3 – From my reflection of the events of the day, I look forward to another dawn.

8,2 – Once I embody my goals, I willingly achieve them.

9,1 – With grace, my effort becomes effortless.

10,5- I drop back into my concentrated self. I radiate my sphere of influence.

Once I have a string ball, I am well wrapped. I develop techniques so I insulate myself to have rapture. I change wraps so I do not unravel.  

“If you want to change your memories, change where you are going!” – Nevine Michaan

If my gaze is on 2, I have 8 in my rear view mirror. If I focus on my failure on one endeavor, I could get depressed obsessing about it. Changing my angle to say appreciating the sunset (7), not only takes off my mind from my failure, it allows me to reflect on a new dawn of possibilities (3). 

The Magic Square Wrap is a figure eight (depicted in the glyphs here). Following the different rooms of my body as a house, I move from the coded rooms 1 to 10 sequentially to create an integrated stitch. It is a Celtic Knot, same as my circulatory system, a self contained unit. It is the infinity sign on my multidimensional body, but not on a flat piece of paper. It is gear shifting. It is how the universe is constantly in motion; how a heartbeat moves; how the oceans circulate and how the cosmos breathes. It is running up and down my body as a house using stairs to go around the coded rooms and never hit the same room twice.

To Magic Square Wrap, follow the glyph. 

1    I drop in to this body.

2    I have goals.

3    I have feelings.

4    I desire to see what is out there for me.

5    I put myself in the middle.

6    What I see in my future, I put my foot down on it

7    I fulfill my obligations through the skills I have. The world is not trustworthy, but I trust that I have the capability to handle it.

8    I work with what I have. It is a joy to be embodied!

9    The pinnacle of achievement, I am thrice blessed. Blessed in my stability, ability and vision.

10    One in the higher dimension.

So I do not unravel, I learn to count backwards. Like Theseus, I find my way out by tracing my string back. In most wisdom traditions, tying a string, or mala is a way to REMEMBER and not loose ones’ mind. The Golden Thread is that which is developed in my imagination so I REMEMBER. I practice to embody it.

In my asana and meditation, I Magic Square Wrap my body, my hands, my foot, my eyes, etc. as I go through my practice. Then my cup holds water, my boat floats, my creases disappear...With repetition, I myelinate my body to have an integrated stitch, my narratives add up, I become well adjusted. I use the archetype of numbers (up next) to unlock the code!

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Note: The teachings, metaphors and language of Katonah Yoga as I share in this journey are by Nevine Michaan and her teachers. Any omissions and errors are mine.

Eva Giorgi