Glyphs and Maps by  Nevine Michaan , Illustrated by  Susan Fierro  

Glyphs and Maps by Nevine Michaan, Illustrated by Susan Fierro 


Archetypes are universal. They are the same to everyone, everywhere and in every era. By understanding the archetypes of numbers, I read the book of nature. The numbers from one to ten and the shapes that represent them expresses the cosmic calligraphy: a circle, line, triangle and square express a consistent comprehensible language. They are the ten original patents for design in the universe. They form the blueprint of the sub particle of an atom to the galaxy clusters, plants, fruits, vegetables, crystals, weather patterns, the human and animal bodies. By identifying shapes and patterns and knowing what principles they represent, I understand what nature is doing in any given situation and apply them to my practice. For instance, by becoming spherical, I don’t have sharp corners and when I fall, I bounce. The patterns from these numbers allow me to see wholeness, polarity, strength, structure, stability, trinity, cross-reference, cycles, rhythm, harmony, expansion, contraction, substantiation, embodiment, etc.. By using numbers instead of language, I can communicate to myself and to others exactly what I mean and what I am aiming for. Language can be tribal; it has its nuances and meaning that may be interpreted differently in different cultures. 

Yoga is power and by knowing what the numbers mean, I become very powerful in my practice. I approach my Magic Square Wrap following the symbol column of the glyph above as:

1       I drop into my body, the archetype of the personal, a seed, a cell.

2    Polarity, the line of communication, defining and refining the opposite ends of the same pole.

3    Trinity, reconciliation of polarity through mediation. The archetype of strength, structure and stability.

4    A frame, defining boundaries of time and space. It is the definition of paradise: a “walled-in” garden. Where do I envision myself, when?

5    Archetype of consciousness, the crossroads of integrity and half of the whole. I put myself in the middle of my circumstances.

6    Gender. Trinity coupled with polarity, the male and female intertwined - sex.

7    Virtue. The product of sex, the child.

8    Containment. Being boxed-in. The body framed dimensionally. The nature of organic substance.

9    The thrice blessed: blessed in mediated stability, ability and vision. Integrated left, center and right; front, back and middle.

10    Sphere. One in the higher dimension. My circumference, the whole inclusive of its 9 parts that is an Integrated Revelation.

I can also view my wraps in each of the columns presented: The Lo Shu Turtle Shell, X Marks the Spot, Building Ruben, Constellations, The Weave of the Integrated Stitch, etc.. All of them unlock the code from the archetypal numbers. I use the Magic Square wrap in my asanas. A down dog is the archetype of trinity, 3 60-degree angles of strength, structure and stability. A seed pose brings me to one, whole, and deepening inwards. I can use it in any pose I get into, either on my hands, feet, hips, eyes, etc. I can Magic Square my body in a twist or in a fold. With my mind engaged, I connect my hearing to my breathing and I count from 1 to 10 and/or 10 to 1. Nobody needs to know that I am doing this in my pose. In time, I am practicing gracefully with effortless effort. I define and refine my practice, understanding First, Second and Third Nature in my Stability, Ability and Vision. Up next: Stability

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Note: The teachings, metaphors and language of Katonah Yoga as I share in this journey are by Nevine Michaan and her teachers. Any omissions and errors are mine.

Eva Giorgi