2019 Weekly Planner, Reflections and Revelations

2019 Weekly Planner, Reflections and Revelations


A weekly planner addresses the sentiments of the individual: one’s week, one’s day, one’s plans. It is immediate, reflective and interactive. The planner becomes a template for mediating time and space. Using a planner produces a journal of one’s year— at the end, being intrinsically revealing. It is designed for effective time management.

The maps in this planner are a composite from the past three years of Katonah Yoga® meditation maps and feature four of our main themes: Body as the Abode, Embodying the Archetype, Wraps for Rapture, and Revelations: Reveals and Origami. All the maps explore the territory of the universal—great nature—and the personal—one's body, mind, breath, orientation and surroundings.

Designed by Nevine Michaan. Illustrated by Susan Fierro.

Limited edition.

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