Our Katonah yoga Training Intensives provide a way to organize your time and access the material in a greater capacity. each training, along with all hours with any certified katonah yoga teacher count towards becoming katonah yoga certified. 

Join Nevine Michaan and her teachers for Katonah Yoga Center's first 35hr training.  

In this intensive you will gain a better understanding of and learn to weave the unique synthesis of Katonah Yoga theories through a hatha practice, pranayama and discussion/lecture.

Perfect for those acquiring hours to learn the language of Katonah Yoga, to teach- as well as those seeking a mystical exploration of well-being.





Where Katonah Yoga Center

Cost $900/35hr (option to participate in only one weekend)


30 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive
with Abbie Galvin and Alex Sharry

Hosted by Now Yoga
Wiesbaden, Germany

October 5th - October 8th 2017
590€ (540€ before August 15th)

Learn techniques to substantiate yourself through measured asana, free your imagination through pranayama, and develop your vision as a diagnostic tool to refine a practice and inform a body.

We will explore the idea of the body as a house, as a plant, a car, a container; in order to move currency (energetic information) through the body’s organic terrain. The goal of the practice is greater stability (lower body), fuller capacity (upper body) and a richer imagination (head). We use the practice to recognize and restructure the patterns found in one’s body and therefore one’s life. This practice engages each of us to re-orient, re-organize, re-inform our bodies in the service of physiological and psychological transformation.

This immersive training is for students and teachers alike as it will refine your teaching, help shape the relationship you have to your students, and ultimately up the function of your own practice and imagination.

50 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive
with Abbie Galvin

Hosted by The Studio
Manhattan, New York

October 27th - November 19th 2017
Friday (6:30-9pm) Saturday (2-7pm) Sunday (2-7pm)
$1450 ($1250 before October 1st)

Substantiate yourself, develop competency, and free up your imagination in The Studio's 50 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive Training. From the esoteric ideas of Taosim to the very pragmatic way to hold a right angle, we will move through techniques that articulate the Katonah Yoga theory that you may have heard but have not yet made use of in your teaching or embodied in your practice. Together we will dive deep into theoretical and practical material taking you beyond what you already know, to develop your practice and your teaching more dimensionally.

Whether you are a teacher seeking theory in order to better mentor your students, a student searching to deepen your practice, a practitioner dealing with an injury, or a new practitioner seeking a way to integrate yoga into your life; our intensive will inform, inspire, and usher you on the path to become your own best guru.