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Dates: June 8th - June 11th, 2018

 Studio Yogisi, Zürich

Another chance to study Katonah Yoga in Zurich!

We invite you to join the 30 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive Training with Dages Juvelier Keates (NY):

This training offers you a fresh opportunity to either dive into the Katonah Yoga material for the first time or to continue your studies from a different angle, putting emphasis on the subtle aspects of the Self.

The goal is to embody the practice and to practice in order to sooth yourself (self-care).

Besides finding archetypal, outer forms, we’ll be exploring our inner landscapes. Mind, body and breath aren’t separate from each other. Through a deepened and radically embodied practice you will be able to turn towards this “complex whole”, applying not only asana, but especially pranayama and meditation as tools.

Dages teaches with powerful metaphors evolved through intensive studies with Nevine Michaan, the founder of Katonah Yoga. She teaches workshops and trainings at Katonah Yoga in Bedford Hills (NY), The Studio (NYC) and Sky Ting (NYC), pursuing a vision of yoga as self-care and communal/altruistic practice. 

This will be a training for the better understanding and expressing on how the imaginative scores are practical. “Free yourself to speak clearly and make space to listen.”

For students and teachers alike.

The 30 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive Training will be led by Dages Juvelier Keates and hosted by Reni Bickel and Aylin Karadayi. 

Dates: June 8th - June 11th, 2018
Place: Studio Yogisi, Zürich
Price: 950 CHF (850 CHF before Feb 15th, 2018)

*space is limited to 30 people.


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