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Get Over Yourself! Inversion Workshop: Handstands, Forearmstands, Headstands, Armbalances with Phillip + Ivy

Many yoga practitioners struggle with the elusive inversion practice. Most often, the chief obstacles are mental. We have a natural aversion to inversion. Practicing these full-body poses requires a willful suspension of instincts and a concentrated presence of mind, without which no progress is made. One must train, not only one’s body, but one’s very neurology. This mind-body training can only be executed by corralling one’s spirit and curtailing one’s instinctual drives.

There are many practical tools which, when mastered, will give you a solid footing in the sky. In this workshop, we will discuss and employ techniques and exercises to help you bridge the gap leading to a stable inversion practice. Specifically, we’ll be working with jumping, pressing and active-lowering to and from the shapes of Forward Split, Tuck, Straddle, Half-Straddle & Pike. We will learn exercises both at the wall and in the middle of the room, as well as the proper and most useful methods for assisting others.

Through clarity of intention and mental focus, we will pierce through the veil of perception, and see through the false boundaries we’ve each set up for ourselves. Get Over Yourself! Inversion Lab.