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10 HR KATONAH YOGA TRAINING: THE LONG GAME, The Power and Vast Possibility of Practicing in Solitude with Ivy Ray

  • Katonah Yoga Center (map)

Ivy is a Senior Katonah Yoga Instructor. She has been with Nevine and her core group of teachers, practicing, processing and teaching this material for 20 years. Ivy will be assisted by Robin Kidder.

Join me as we deconstruct all of whats possible in a solo practice.

Everything provides Insight. In the communal/the world, On the Line and in Space, the insight is You in relation to things, others, systems. You are continually shown how well you intersect. How you communicate, cooperate, collaborate, how quickly you can shift gears, change course, change mind, navigate territory, be timely. It's the daily test drive and calls upon you to orient organize, use your techniques and skillfully manipulate Space, Time, Circumstances, others and always your self. Every road leads to You. Your presence and action speak volumes. And there's always a wild card.

Practicing in Solitude takes place In Time, In the Round and the insight is you in relation to you. It provides the fundamental playground for becoming more evenly developed freely functional. Its the door to self-intimacy, care, kindness, safety, perhaps tending with a lighter hand, a softer landing and is always the sacred space for the inevitable work when things fall apart.

This is where you remember, reorder, reclaim, where you restore, replenish, refine. It’s where you self manage/organize, where you find YOU at the center and grow/strengthen you in that vortex.

It can also be where you figure things out, prioritize, work on what you've lost, develop what you never had. Lastly for now, its a grand opportunity to work on You as a teacher, your articulations, your sequencing, your choices of what material to work with in the beginning. Practicing in solitude is the ongoing birthplace of you/your emergence. Your Insight is the breeding ground of your unique contribution as a Katonah Yoga Instructor. Your home practice is yours and is developed by your design. It evolves as you, the seasons, your life and your needs change.

Day 1: In the Round TIME

We will work with the Yin of you, the lunar, the restoration and Longevity work, subtle practices of breath, meditations, evolutions, circuits and perhaps some new insight on working w the Magic Square. We will then break it down by practicing on one another.

Day 2: On The Line SPACE

We will work w the Yang of you, the skillset side, the solar and all things associated with your form and technique that takes you out into the world each day. Your roots, strenth, agility, ability and your beautiful mind. We will also play with how to take best advantage of your time and solo practice by simultaneously working through the lens of teaching. This is a fascinating and very useful technique. We will wrap it up by weaving it all together.

Saturday 2-7pm

Sunday 12-5pm

All hours with Ivy go toward your Katonah Yoga Certification. $350

Available for single day by request $175

Your body is where EVERYTHING lives, happens + thrives. Grow/build a more safe, sane, functional, JOYFUL you, a viable, worthy container for all of what you are, duly prepared for what life may hand you. 

— Ivy Ray