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“Katonah Yoga is not a practice, you can’t just do Katonah Yoga, you use it as a method in Yoga. That's why when people come to me and say they want to teach Katonah Yoga, you have to have something else, they have to do Ashtanga, they have to do Iyengar, they have to do something else because you are only original when you know something else” ~ Nevine Michaan


Join us and experience Nevine's Magic through me, the ongoing wholistic assimilation/embodiment of her material over two decades, in myself and woven into the organic living web of my life.

You will be valued, respected and held high. My aim as I teach this material, is to encourage and empower all of you to remember who you are, to own where you are already an authority, to find your own voice, cadence and by your own design/in your own time, to consciously select elements to weave, teach, live through your daily lives, work and traditions, You can't teach nor live it all. Time is revelatory and it will ripen you and the work in and through you. I believe You deserve a life and teaching that are unified, that extend from You, as its center, sovereign of your domain, level/in alignment with your own natural response, not someone else's. From my experience, this produces great Joy, fulfillment and freedom and a sustainable environment that becomes the fertile ground from which your own continued emergence and wholistic development can grow and flourish.

When you attend a training, even a class, from a seasoned Katonah Yoga instructor, you receive a synthesis of their heritage, experience, culture, previous studies, tradition, achievements, their rhythm, use of language; their very nature, teaching through the blueprint of the Katonah Yoga Material. In essence, we are composing the experience while weaving in components of our choice. The freedom and creativity that Nevine has encouraged in this is quite profound and unique, if you use it. There is great purpose in this methodology. This is why she requests you experience us all. These women, myself included, are not interested in homogenizing themselves, they are invested in fully Being themselves while teaching this work. They are each an individual product of it. We do in fact all teach and use the material differently and we are distinct, primarily women, doing so, though many men are certainly coming on board now and this is a Welcome Shift. How and what we choose to teach is by our own design, all of this is what makes us Unique.  This is your opportunity in the participation of the system that Nevine has spent her life meticulously selecting and organizing. The sum total of all these parts is what makes her and the work she continues to evolve, an ever emergent Whole, utterly Original.

WHAT WE WILL COVER: Each day will open with a communal class, guided meditation and pranayama.

Below are some of the signature elements we will delve into pragmatically, technically and esoterically threaded with my own insight. Some of these are specific choices for Inlet, others are some of the aspects of the Katonah Yoga material that are an integral part of my life.

POLARITY MEDIATED BY TRINITY: This is Everything in Space and then in Time and a substantial teaching in the Katonah material, Including a simple potent revelatory method of using the Triad as a practice in your daily rounds.

READING THE BODY: The fine art of RePositioning. The pragmatic technicality, imaginative and graceful means of reading someone's body in the present and providing them with the tools to use what you've found in their practice and daily lives.

KATONAH INFORMED VINYASA On Weaving language throughout this tradition with creative potent pauses as brief educational opportunities. I began teaching Nevine’s work by leading Ashtanga slow motion, threaded with this material.

ADJUSTMENTS: A select number of consensual, discerning, conscious, creative adjustments with much collaboration and supportive dialog.

PRANAYAMA: Our Signature Pranayama, deconstructed and additionally taught at a learning cadence so you can own it.

THE MAGIC SQUARE: Cohesive elaboration and insights on the Magic Square, a new method I’ve discovered to embody it, which becomes a great tool for teaching it and some of what each position number, room contains, the grid and numbers are set, no ambiguity and its overall evolutionary current/content is living, organic and ever emergent.

WHOLISTIC PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: We Begin with you, into the Katonah Yoga Blueprint of Reading a Body, where it goes from here depends on who you are, who you are working with, your previous experience, current skill set and your imagination. I have been working primarily one on one with the Katonah Material for 21 years.

TEACHING WITHOUT PHYSICAL CONTACT: You may choose to be a teacher who doesn't have communal adjustments during your classes or vary it. It's up to you. Learning to use your voice and language to guide a room or individual thoroughly through a pose, with little or no physical contact is potent and provides a unique own age for your students.

PRACTICING IN SOLITUDE: This provides the fundamental playground for better knowing/becoming of ones self, more evenly developed freely functional. Its the door to self-intimacy, care, kindness, safety, love, perhaps tending with a lighter hand, a softer landing and is always the sacred space for the inevitable work when things fall apart. This is where you remember, reorder, reclaim, where you restore, replenish, refine. Its where the therapeutic work of restoration and longevity occur. It’s where you self manage/organize, where you find You at the center and grow/strengthen/ripen in the vortex of time. Additionally, a wealth of opportunity to simply figure things out, reevaluate, work on what you've lost, develop what you’ve never had. Your solo practice is yours and is developed by your design. It evolves as you, the seasons, your life and your needs change.

MEDITATION: I began sitting as a young child. Over the years, it became more formal moving through the lens of Zen, Tao, Chogyam Trungpa, Nature, Ken Wilber/Integral Theory, Alan Watts, Egyptian Mysticism, Hermetic Philosophy, Insight, Course in Miracles and on. Over the last 20, I have been weaving Nevine's material in, especially in most recent years with the advent of her maps and evolutions.  We will do a guided meditation daily.

NUMBER/GEOMETRY: The One The Many. The sequential structure of everything.

GREAT NATURE: The absolute display, the patterned blueprint for living in harmony/balance/overall well being with the Natural World therefore yourself. You are a micro of the macro. Opens the way for play of UNIVERSAL/PERSONAL

YOU NOW IN SPACE AND TIME: Reflections/Revelations Technicality on the Explicit/Implicit On the Line in the Round 1st 2nd 3rd, an eventual Braid of One Taste. 4th Nature YOU

THE GOLDEN THREAD: Embodying the Magic Square with your narrative thread, imagination and cosmic material; a Continuum of you YOUR NARRATIVE, in a life, a day, a moment, In reflection and Revealing and some of the other mapped meditations, evolutions.

ANATOMY OF A CLASS A Katonah communal experience and much of what's possible there. We will work with this, as we practice each day. It lies in your hands as to how to create, govern, direct and structure this.

TAO: The nature of things. Pragmatic, Graceful, Lucid Instruction on the Art Of Living

WHEN THINGS FALL APART in your life, in a classroom, in a private, In the moment.

ALL OF THIS will be woven with Hermetic Philosophy, Metaphor and Why, Ken Wilbur’s Integral Theory as in alignment with Katonah Yoga, Asana as Origami: Paper 2D The body 3D, Tensegrity (tension and integrity) Super Sensibility, WuWei and Music. “Without music, life would be a mistake” Friedrich Nietzsche

Each day there will be space and time for your questions !

For those traveling from the around the US or Abroad We have recommended accommodations for local hotels, Air B and B's, including group lodging. PLEASE NOTE: Manasquan is a shore town, Rates will greatly decrease after the summer season.



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