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Joint Health Part II: Hips and LegsBuilding Mobility, Strength, and Full Range of Motion with Ari Halbert

  • KATONAH YOGA CENTER 39 Main Street Bedford Hills, NY, 10507 United States (map)

Joint Health Part II: Hips and Legs
Building Mobility, Strength, and Full Range of Motion

As the joint containing the largest muscle within the human anatomy (the Gluteus Maximus), the hip is designed to keep us both stable and upright, and is arguably the cornerstone of good posture. Similar to a house, the “upper floors” of our body cannot hold their proper shape without a stable foundation. However, unlike a house, our bodies are organic and adaptable, and instead of falling down, they go to great lengths to stay upright by compensating for the lack of stability in one area by creating excessive rigidity in another. For instance, the cause of left shoulder pain and stiffness can often be traced back to an instability in right hip, or vice versa. Though this is a simplistic example, one can start to see why the origin of pain is quite often not at the site of the pain itself, but rather at another point along the chain of action or biomechanical load.

With this in mind, the workshop will review what’s happening “underneath the hood,” so to speak, and apply various exercises to counteract many of the most common dysfunctional movement patterns that almost everyone will develop over time. The exercises will help to give both the mobility and stability needed in order for the hips and legs to function properly. For our bodies, a good foundation is one that has just the right balance of rigidity and flexibility: if it is too rigid, it will crack under the pressure of movement, and if it is too loose, there will be compensation above for what is lacking below.

The workshop will make use of exercises that include traditional yoga asana, but are not at all limited to it. Many more are borrowed from gymnastics, calisthenics and corrective exercises used by physical therapists. So be prepared to move in new ways in order to experience the freedom of movement that comes with healthy hips!