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Katonah Yoga Pop Up with Senior Instructor, Ivy Ray

  • MAINE, The Breathing Room 864 Broadway South Portland, ME, 04106 United States (map)


SAT OCT 5th SUN OCT 6th 12-5pm Can Do Single Day, Hope to have you for both!

Investment: Early Bird Definitely Gets the Worm: Full Wknd $230 until Oct 1st $330 thereafter Single Day $100 until Oct 1st $165 thereafter.


 If you are new to the Katonah Yoga material our time together will serve perfectly as an Introductory. All hours with Ivy Ray are bankable toward your Katonah Yoga Certification. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME!


YOU ARE WHOLE. A micro of the macro. A holon, which is a whole, complete; entire, unto itself (personal) that is simultaneously part of a greater whole (universal.) To make the wholeness of you more workable, we subdivide, as nature has, the Yin of you, the Yang of you and into a third to include your soul. "....until the formed learns from the unformed there is no understanding." Tao Te Ching

 Over this weekend, we will learn to work with all of ourselves. To wander this territory successfully, you need a really good map, pragmatic calculable technique, supportive theoretical material and of course your body, breath and a keen imagination, all in an aim of becoming more evenly developed, freely functional wholistic women and men.



DAY ONE: Our emphasis will be You into the communal, culture, the world. The Yang of you, the more active Solar principle. Your 2nd Nature. 

In the world, the ongoing insight is You in relation to things, others, systems. You are continually shown how well you intersect, articulate, cooperate, collaborate, how quickly you can shift gears, change course, navigate territory, be timely. You are called upon to manage space, time, circumstance, others and always your self. You may often get your butt kicked out there. We will work with the pragmatic fundamental positioning that supports and grows your mobility, ability, virility, safety and vision in the world.

DAY TWO: Our Emphasis will be You, the Yin of You, the more receptive subtle yet powerful Lunar Principal. The vehicle for this is Practicing in Solitude where the insight is you in relation to yourself and how you intersect with your interpersonal relationships; family, significant other, dear friends.

Practicing in solitude is the birthplace of your continued emergence and the growing ground that spawns the quality and sensibility of the self you take into life. This is where you remember, reorder, reclaim, where you restore, replenish, refine. The sacred space for when things fall apart. Likewise, Its where you kick your own butt, justly study who you are, daily fill your own cup to runneth over so you don't give from your resources. Lastly, its a wealth of opportunity to simply figure stuff out, tweak your form, work on what you’ve lost, develop what you’ve never had and give yourself what you need, as its all ultimately your job. Your solo practice is yours and is developed by your design. It evolves as you, the seasons, your life and your needs change. 

These aspects, just as in the TAO, make up the Whole of You, First Nature, Yin, Second Nature, Yang and their intersecting channel of Third Nature, Your Soul. Thrice threaded makes a braid, a trinity of You a whole, as One Taste, Interrelated, Ever Emergent, Complete. 

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: The emphasis and training of Days 1 and 2 through:

An interactive seasonal informative communal practice


Led Meditation 

A cohesive breakdown of the Lou Shu 3x3 Magic Square, our primary map, including my own movement meditation 

The significance of number and the geometry each gives birth to especially as it applies to our work together over this Intensive

A Reading of The Body: The fine art of RePositioning. the pragmatic technicality, imaginative and graceful means and tools to use the findings in your practice and daily life

A select number of consensual, discerning, conscious adjustments

Polarity is mediated by Trinity: Ahhhh Three. You always at the apex as the Mediator and what this actually means. We will break this down, learn how to use it in the body and a simple potent means in everyday life.

Metaphor: why, what it provides and some new ones

I Ching and Tao

Asana as Oragami



and more I'm sure :)

Ivy Ray is a Senior KATONAH YOGA® Instructor.  She is a Mother, native New Yorker, singer, formerly signed recording artist, voice-over talent, published songwriter, business and life consultant. She has been with Nevine Michaan practicing, teaching and living the Katonah Yoga Material for 21 years. Her forte during all this time has primarily been private instruction and intimate systematic groups. Her work has spanned from innumerous therapeutics, educators, addiction, elites in business, sports, literature, music and the arts, top women's organizations, mothers, young adults and all the lovely in between. Ivy has re-emerged over the last few years as a unique/potent voice in Katonah Yoga Teacher Trainings/Intensives and has an Advanced Mentorship Program for up and coming and established teachers and some students.

Ivy is continually informed by the magic and wisdom of what has been, the privilege and great joy of her son, those she facilitates and the daily grace, grit and beauty of all things life. Ivy resides in New York City and Beacon, New York.

To learn more pls visit http://IvyRay.One 

While in Maine, Ivy will be available for private instruction, a reading of the body and provide tools to implement the new positioning in your daily life. Email directly with any questions and to schedule at pls put MAINE in subject line.