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THE JOY OF HANDSTAND: Inversion Therapy with Phillip & Ivy Askew

  • Katonah Yoga Center (map)

The Joy of Handstand is alchemical: gravitational pole reversal induces certain physiological effects throughout the body. In the endocrine system, there is a slow release of hormones from the cranial vault promoting health & impeding age. In the circulatory system, blood pressure and heart rate are reduced while venous return increases. Tissue fluids of the lower extremities drain, clearing congestion & enabling a more efficient exchange between cells. The entire lymphatic system is stimulated, strengthening the immune system. And the product is euphoria!

Then, there is the exhilaration of overcoming one's own psychology, one's own psychological burdens; of relinquishing one's irrational fears; of refining one's understanding, by plunging deeply into reality as it is, emerging clearer and calmer, more empowered and connected.

Finally, the joy of Handstand is technical. Information is power. The better you understand the dynamics of inversions, the more power and freedom you can find while practicing them. Come learn a system of exercises specifically designed to translate these dynamics into your body.

All levels.