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  •  BEACON, Bebhaki Yoga Yoga Center  Bebhaki Yoga Yoga Center 89 Dewindt Street Beacon New York 12508  (map)

Join Senior Katonah Yoga Instructor Ivy Ray for an Intimate / Informative Event    Eight People Maximum  Everyone will be Evaluated

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Our bodies contain everything that has ever taken place. This is where we live our lives, where Life happens. In Katonah Yoga, We use the body as the primary means for exploration, the agent of change, as the body isn't capable of lying, nor can it hide, our minds, on the other hand, are tricky as hell. The body shows everything. 

As children and through many stages of our lives, we have all positioned ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, in order to simply handle/manage life, in many cases, this positioning saved us, in most, it no longer serves. 

We re-evaluate our finances, our companies, our relationships we don't re-evaluate our bodies; our positioning. Positioning is everything. 

Orientation and Organization In Time and Space into the skillful manipulation/management of self is one of the keys to Over-All Well Being. A Good Joyful Life. 

Having a personal assessment, a reading of the body as we call it, enables us to experience ourselves differently, where we actually belong verses where you think or feel we belong.  It is Informative and Transformative. You will then will be given simple means by which to bring this new positioning into your life.