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Katonah Yoga (Maps and Metaphors of Postural Therapy) with Noah Julian

  • PHILADELPHIA, Yoga and Movement Sanctuary 2623 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19130 United States (map)

In the physical space we personally experience a self. An individual with an experience uniquely their own. In a physical practice, posture embodied works as an archetype embedding itself into the totality of a person. Through the lens of a variety of yoga-asana (physical postures) we will look at our individual archetypes while drawing maps and using proper scaffolding to build a well organized physical space. With a well organized physical body we inhabit a well functioning organism able to entertain the metaphors of which a body speaks to the metaphysical.

We will look at the principles (largely maps and metaphor) used in Katonah Yoga when working with an individual on their personal practice. Time in posture throughout most of the weekend will be infrequent but extended, completely accessible to beginners and challenging for seasoned practitioners. Be prepared to observe your friends in posture while also serving as a learning tool for those around you.

Weekend Cost $350