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The Magic Behind the Magic Square with Rita Murjani & Vinny Bonanno

  • NEW YORK, Sky Ting Yoga 17 Allen Street 7th Floor, Ny, Ny (map)

In this Katonah workshop, we’ll explore the true magic behind the magic square - it’s origin, mathematical pattern, and use as a map! Our body is our house, our vehicle, our instrument -- when practicing yoga and other embodiment techniques, it’s best to navigate the landscape with a GPS, coordinates, and directions!

The magic square allows us to read bodies and navigate our own. Once proficient in reading the map you can figure out where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. When we weave a collaborative, well integrated home, the whole far surpasses the sum of individual parts!

Learn the unique character and purpose of each room and how to travel the master staircase of your own house. Learn why we clean with the left and cut with right, heat from the base and water from above, and access the back to potentiate the front.

All hours with Rita and Vinny are bankable toward Katonah Yoga® Certification