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A Weekend with Mary Dana with Mary Dana Abbott


Friday, May 3


Mary Dana Yoga Master Class: Inversions

Mary Dana mixes the theory of Katonah® Yoga, the precision of Iyengar, and the flow of Vinyasa Krama to curate a yoga class experience that will leave you attuned and awakened. She will offer an approach to yoga that is both light-hearted in delivery, and serious in its educational integrity. The focus of this MDY Master Class will be inversions, but is open to all students no matter your current inversion ability!

Saturday, May 4


Form, Function, & Flow: Integrating Katonah Yoga® & Vinyasa

The literal translation of Vinyasa is to place in a special way. We interpret this to mean that the order of forms, or asanas, function in a way that flows. This placement is not arbitrary, and true flow can occur when things fit together and function well. Katonah Yoga gives us the tools and techniques to explore the forms in an inFORMative way that offers insights into both the objective pattern of nature and the subjective pattern of our personal narrative.

In this workshop we will explore how the geometric integrity and theory of Katonah yoga functions to create flow in a well-adjusted and informed Vinyasa experience. Open to any teacher who wishes to incorporate more of the material in his or her classes and any student who is curious to explore these connections more.


Geometric Integrity in Asana & Longevity: A Katonah Yoga® Workshop

No matter how many years young we are, it is important to recognize the impermanent reality of the body, and that, as we go through life, change is inevitable. This is the beauty of an asana practice and the time we carve out for our practice gives us the opportunity to explore the inner landscape of our physicality and the subtle beauty of change.

In this workshop will explore our sacred structure, using simple angles and geometry to create an objective framework for our asana practice. This framework will allow us to see our embodied habits and personal narratives in a way that gives us important information and feedback. In each installment of this workshop, traditional asanas will be explored with new techniques and tools that you can take with you to implement in a healthy, sustainable, and joyful practice that you can keep for life. Open to all bodies and all ages.

Sunday, May 5


Chair Yoga: Re-Imagining the Practice

Because of all the angles and elevation a simple yoga chair gives us, it is an indispensable tool for creativity and exploration in a postural yoga practice. Often considered a prop for “easy yoga”, this workshop will showcase ways that a chair can be used to satisfy any level of yoga practitioner. Using the theory of Katonah Yoga® and creativity of Iyengar, we will play with a variety of asana-from standing poses to inversions- using this fun and transformative tool