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Joint Health Part I: Shoulders- Building Mobility, Strength, and Full Range of Motion with Ari Halbert

  • KATONAH YOGA CENTER 39 Main Street Bedford Hills, NY, 10507 United States (map)

As the joint capable of the largest range of motion within the human body, the shoulder’s unique design offers incredible structural freedom, which proves to be both a boon and a burden.  Unlike the other six load-bearing joints of our anatomy, which offer strong structural stability through the way the bones eloquently join and meet one another, the shoulders rely almost entirely on the surrounding connective tissue to keep them together.  It is, at least in large part, because of this that shoulder pain is so ubiquitous.  The health of the shoulder joint is easily disrupted through poor posture and many of the head-forward activities we constantly engage in.  It is for this reason that special attention needs to be paid to proper shoulder function. 

With this in mind, the workshop will review what’s happening “underneath the hood,” so to speak, and apply various exercises to counteract many of the most common dysfunctional movement patterns that almost all of us will develop over time.  The exercises will include, but are not at all limited to those from traditional yoga asana.  Many more are borrowed from gymnastics, calisthenics and corrective exercises used by physical therapists.  So be prepared to move in new ways and experience freedom from shoulder tightness, soreness, and restriction.