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Katonah Yoga workshops and Master Classes with Eva Giorgi

  • BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Bainbridge Yoga House 7861 NE Day Road, Suite 214 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 (map)

Join Eva for a series of Katonah Yoga workshops and Master Classes.

Each class-time experience will weave Katonah Yoga’s synthesis of myth, math, metaphor and Chinese Medicine through the pragmatic, palpable fits of the body in Asana to the subtle arts of holding space, articulating and adjusting while conducting a communal class.

Saturday, June 1 1 to 4pm 

Workshop 1: Practice, practice, practice! Play!

Like learning an instrument, a language, or a few great recipes- repetition of technique makes for joyful progress.

This workshop will be a recipe for a well-composed Katonah Yoga main-course. We will move through an asana based practice peppered with pranayama and sprinkled with assists to leave you with a renewed capacity in personal measure, a seasonal/mystical dialogue with your internal territories, and a tasting of techniques to incorporate into your personal practices.

Sunday, June 2 12 to 3pm  $85 

Workshop 2:  TRAVELING TERRITORY.  Katonah Yoga Magic Square 

Our bodies are mountains and lakes, plains, peaks, shoreline and sea. 

All the while, mossy microbes multiply in our ancestral rivers bridged by ever-evolving biomes. 

Our weather is breath, cellular resonances, alchemical reaction.  

Our senses cross-pollinated with imagination is the instinctual animal of us intersecting with our individuating human will;

An internal crossroads, where it all happens. It is all you!

Whether you want to find your way out or discover a way in, looking at a map is a pretty good place to start.

The Magic Square, a central framework to Katonah Yoga theory and Practice, is our map!

In this workshop we will lay out The Magic Square like a road atlas before a big trip. 

To cover the basic lay of the land, we’ll identify each number as if it is a  region with its own character and quality.

Inservice of our own corporeal, emotional and spiritual landscapes our dialogue will extend to:

  • organic anatomy of Chinese medicine

  • holistic principles

  • Taoist ideas

  • The Archetype of Numbers

Then, we will use a series of physical techniques to travel the territory! 

We’ll kick, stroke, breathe, pedal, pump, coast, dance, and make righteous turns through our neurological highways, foot trails, sidewalks, climbs, dips and swims. 

Expect a full pranayama practice

Explorative restorative set-ups

Traveling through postures


No Experience with the Katonah Yoga method or the magic square is necessary.

Come with questions or email them to Eva beforehand

Eva is also available for private or semi/group private instruction while she is visiting June 3-4. Please contact if you are interested to know more or to schedule a private. 

All hours with Eva are bankable towards Katonah Yoga’s Independent Teacher Training requirements for certification. 


Saturday, June 1, 1-4pm & Sunday, June 2, 12-3pm


$85 each workshop