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WOOM SOUND EXPRIENCE with Elian Zach-Shemesh

  • KATONAH YOGA CENTER 39 Main Street Bedford Hills, NY, 10507 United States (map)


An immersive sonic journey inward that invites you to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness in a safe and supportive setting.

The journey includes 5 chapters:

Talk. About the therapeutic properties of sound and how to use it as a meditative tool.
Vocal Meditation. Using our own voices, we will explore the delicate balance between contributing to the collective and personal receptivity.
Breathwork. Inspired by Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic technique, we will practice a powerful form breath that enables to disconnect from the “monkey mind” and reach heightened states of awareness and a deeper state of meditation.
Sound. a variety of overtone-emitting instruments will be played, including gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, and chimes.
Connecting. An opportunity to share musings, thoughts, feelings and poetics about our individual experiences.

Elian received her formal training under the guidance of world-renowned sound researcher, practitioner and ethnomusicologist, Alexandre Tannous. Together with her partner, David, she has co-founded WOOM CENTER, New York's first of its kind multi-sensory yoga and meditation studio, based primarily on the therapeutic and psychedelic properties of sound vibration. David and Elian facilitate at WOOM weekly and host practitioners from all over the country and the world. Elian and David have been greatly inspired by Nevine and the magical teachings of Katonah Yoga. Elian is honored and grateful to share this work with the community in such a meaningful way.


Set an intention - between now and then, set aside some time for some intuitive writing and see if anything interesting comes up that you'd like to further explore. If you're currently working on anything, you are welcome to simply write a clear intention, in free-form or bullet points. Please bring your written intentions on a piece of paper with you. 

Prepare your vessel - to increase your sensitivity and openness we would highly recommend refraining from alcohol intake and other substances for about a week before the ceremony. Please, come on a fairly empty stomach.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle in, as we plan to begin right on time.


Warm and comfortable clothing (layers are the best, as change of body temperature may occur), eye mask or a scarf to cover your eyes (very important!), a pillow and blankets to make the journey extra comfy, a refillable water bottle, a journal and a pen.