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The Magic of Yoga and Sacred Geometry with Lisa Dunn

  • LONDON, Stretch Broadway Market 6B Ada Street London E8 4QU (map)

The Magic of Yoga and Sacred Geometry ‘Yoga is a process of replacing old patterns, with new and more appropriate patterns’ Sri T Krishnamacharya

In this Katonah Yoga inspired workshop you will explore using techniques of geometric measure to infuse your practice with dimension, energy, and refinement. These techniques offer us a map with which to navigate a practice rather than overly relying on feelings or sensations. If a pose is measured well, if the geometry is correct, the body is supported by its own structure rather than relying on muscle. By reforming our body’s unconscious habits and introducing more informed and efficient patterns, yoga becomes origami for the body. In this way this practice sets up conditions for greater self-knowledge and a more expansive vision, which leads to personal change. Most of us want change when we start a yoga practice. For some it’s solely about physics and learning techniques to get a better understanding of the forms. For others it’s the eye opening, bringing together of body, mind and spirit to realise the potency of yoga.

You will learn techniques to mediate the moment, understand how to organise and orient yourself in time and space, discover how nature reveals its intelligence through pattern and how our bodies are no different. And that we practice yoga for information that is both new and that will take us somewhere - knowing the destination is always joy.