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The Wholistic Nature of Great Nature, The Katonah Yoga Material and You:  In Space and Time with Senior Instructor Ivy Ray

  • VERMONT, Laughing River Yoga  1 Mill Street, Winooski, Vermont 05404 (map)

June 8, 12-3 pm
June 9, 9 am-12 pm

Each Attendee will receive Nevines most recent Katonah Yoga Planner, complete with every map/geographical chart and supportive theoretical material to date in the Katonah Yoga Material.

Everything provides Insight. In the communal/the world, On the Line, the insight is You in relation to things, others, systems. You are continually shown how well you intersect. How you communicate, cooperate, collaborate, how quickly you can shift gears, change course, change mind, navigate territory, be timely. It’s the daily test drive and calls upon you to use your technique and skillfully manage space, time, circumstances, others and always your self. Every road leads to You and there’s always a wild card. We will work with the specific techniques associated with this as form determines function and good fit-ups function.

Practicing in Solitude takes place In Time, In the Round and the insight is you in relation to you. It provides the fundamental playground for better knowing and becoming of ones’ self, more evenly developed and freely functional. It’s the door to self-intimacy, care, kindness, safety, love, tending with a lighter hand, a softer landing.  It is always the sacred space for the inevitable work when things fall apart. This is where you remember, reorder, reclaim, where you restore, replenish, refine. It’s where the therapeutic work of restoration and longevity primarily occur. It’s where you self manage, organize, where you find You at the center and grow/strengthen/ripen in the vortex of time. It provides a wealth of opportunity to simply figure things out, reevaluate, work on what you’ve lost, and develop what you’ve never had. At least its this and more for me.

Practicing in solitude is the ongoing birthplace of you and your emergence. Your Insight is the growing ground of your unique contribution as a teacher or whatever you do. Your solo practice is yours and is developed by your design. It evolves as you, the seasons, your life and your needs change.

Day 1: On The Line in SPACE

We will work with Explicit, your 2nd Nature, you in Space, on the line. Space is fixed, it is linear and provides reflection. We will work with the Yang of you, the solar, the skill set side, the tough love side, Your Mobility, ability, agility and refer to the ongoing training of your beautiful mind in this. These are the tools and techniques that you use in your life and into the world on a daily basis. We will orient and organize via the Magic Square with a good solid pragmatic and esoteric breakdown of this Magical Grid, our primary map and its ever-evolving living content and uses.

Day 2: In the Round TIME

We will work with your 1st Nature, with the Yin of you, the lunar, In Time, in the Round, Time is the vortex of the present, it is spherical. Your Stability, Wisdom/Patience side, your inherent potential, the hand you were dealt, your heart side, your ancestry, your ever emergent self, into the Restoration and Longevity work and subtle practices of breath, mapped meditations, and evolutions.

All Into 3rd Nature. The Implicit. Your soul imbued with Cosmic Material 

First Triads, then circle it all up, Integration, in movement and circumambulate our selves in an evolutionary meditation, weaving 1st, 2nd and 3rd Nature unified, as a braid, One Taste, As All of You, thrice threaded into A singular Expression.

And at the end, we will open the floor to your questions!

All hours with Ivy go toward your Katonah Yoga Certification.

Your body is where EVERYTHING lives, happens + thrives. Grow/build a more safe, sane, functional, JOYFUL you, a viable, worthy container for all of what you are, duly prepared for what life may hand you and in an aim of becoming more evenly developed, freely functional, powerful, virtuous, women, men, leaders, teachers, parents, lovers, friends. ~ Ivy Ray

Ivy Ray is a Senior KATONAH YOGA® Instructor. She has been with Nevine and her core group of teachers, practicing, teaching and embodying this material for 20 years. She was certified in Nevine’s then 3 yr program in 2001. Ivy is a Mother, native New Yorker, singer, formerly signed recording artist, voice over talent, published songwriter and consultant. She is a lifelong scholar and practitioner of many of the worlds great traditions. Her primary influences are Nature, Tao, Katonah Yoga, Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Music and all Relationship. Her forte for nearly 2 decades has largely been private instruction and intimate systematic groups. Her work has spanned from elites in business, sports, literature, music and the arts, and all the lovely in between. Ivy has re-emerged over the last few years as a unique/potent voice in Katonah Yoga teacher trainings, workshops, Sound Meditations and the more subtle techniques. Ivy’s life and teaching is continually informed by the magic and wisdom of what has been, the privilege and great joy of her son and the daily grace, grit and beauty of all things life. Ivy resides in New York City and Beacon, New York.