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Kundalini Basics with Hari Sangat Kaur (Carrie Kane)

  • KATONAH YOGA CENTER 39 main st bedford hills, ny 10507 (map)

Kundalini Basics with Hari Sangat Kaur (Carrie Kane)

Kundalini Yoga is The Yoga of Awareness. It is an ancient technology aimed at raising your consciousness.  Kundalini cultivates inner and outer awareness, elevates the spirit, and connects you to the Truth within You.

Hari Sangat will lead you through a basic Kundalini class which includes some chanting, some exercise, some meditation and a relaxing gong bath as you lie in shavasana.

She will explain the basic principles,  how kundalini works primarily on the nervous and glandular systems,  how meditation can be done easily with certain applied techniques.

Join us in this powerful practice to enhance mental clarity and give you an experience of your highest consciousness.

“In your life there will be tons of obstacles, tons of objections, tons of fears, tons of questions.

Everything out there is to shake your faith. If you rise above it, that is because your Kundalini has risen.”  Yogi Bhajan

Hari Sangat (Carrie Kane) is a former student of Nevine and Katonah Yoga. She studied with Nevine for 9 years before finding her calling in Kundalini. She owns and operates Golden Prana in Katonah. “ I am so grateful to Nevine and Katonah Yoga for imparting the knowledge,inspiration and wisdom that  has been a key building block in my spiritual growth.”