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WEAVE IT IN - A Katonah Yoga® Self Mastery Online Program

Start date: August 1st, 2019

End date September 28th, 2019

place: wherever you are / remote online program

This online program is designed for all students and trainees of the Katonah Yoga® practice who are eager to explore the material in their everyday lives and teaching. WEAVE IT IN offers company, study inputs and assignments to strengthen everyone’s confidence, skills and understanding. The online course can be taken remotely over a total of 8 weeks and it includes reading materials, illustrations, videos, audios and 4 scheduled live calls. The step-by-step development practically weaves in information and personal insight, carefully modulating the learning to everyone’s very own advantage.

Root. Respond. Express. Prospect. Identify. Manifest. Collaborate. Endure. Attain. Transform. Weave a good personal narrative!

Your course guides are Katonah Yoga® teachers Aylin Karadayi and Reni Bickel.

By completing the course you'll be able to accredit 20 hours towards the Katonah Yoga® certification program.

Link for info & sign-up: