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Yoga: The Secret of Life By Francesco Mastalia BOOK SIGNING

Featuring Katonah Yoga Founder Nevine Michaan and teachers Abbie Galvin and David Regelin.

In silence, ask the questions, Who am I? Why am I here?

Yoga: The Secret of Lif is a photo-documentary project about the spiritual and physical journey of yoga. Through photographs and text this book explores the personal experiences of 108 of today’s leading practitioners and how this ancient practice has transformed their mind, body, and spirit.

The photographs for the project are taken on glass plates using the wet collodion process, a photographic technique dating back to the 1850s. With the use of a large-format wooden camera and antique brass lens, glass plates are hand-coated to produce one-of-a-kind “ambrotype” images. The collodion process transports us to another place and time. When the light-sensitive chemicals absorb the

sun’s ultraviolet rays, we enter a mysterious world where art and alchemy embrace.

The photographs take on another dimension with the words that accompany them. The text based on interviews provides an intimate and enlightening account of each yogis personal journey.

Beyond the physical postures commonly associated with yoga, oga: The Secret of Lif delves deep into the purpose of our existence and how to live a happy and fulfilled life. It explores how we can understand who we truly are, why we are here, and what our ultimate purpose is on this planet.

Included are world renowned yogis Radhanath Swami, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Gurmukh Kaur Khasla, Sri Dharma Mittra, Krishna Das, Tao-Porchon Lynch, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Seane Corn, Rodney Yee and more.

Francesco Mastalia has traveled the world photographing tribal, religious, spiritual, and indigenous people. His first book DREADS, published by Workman Artisan, is a photo documentary on the history of dreadlocks. Now in its eighth printing, DREADS includes an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker.

His recent book Organic: Farmers & Chefs of the Hudson Valley, published by powerHouse Books, is a photobook of the Hudson Valley’s organic sustainable food movement. Works from Organic are included in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. 

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