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Using tools of Katonah Yoga ®, learn to soothe yourself, become revolutionary, empowered and embodied. The body is designed to fit. “The practice teaches how to mediate polarities (such as hot and cold) by the archetype of a triangle: Strength, Structure, Stability. Applied to the body: Stable in the Base, Capable in the Middle and having a higher Vision. Yoga is the dialogue between body, mind and breath. My physiology is my neurology. My state of mind shows up in my body mediated by my breath. As my breath, so my mind. With breath work, I vibrate higher to the frequency of joy. By folding, unfolding, twisting and stretching my body, I use the Magic Square as an image bank to weave my personal narrative, my Golden Thread.”
Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi, Katonah Yoga® teaches tools to practice and inform your body, recognize and restructure your patterns, become more stable, able and capable to enhance your wellbeing.

About Carlos:
Carlos Lu is a devoted yogi, author and yoga teacher who seeks to inspire others to live a joyful, easeful and graceful life. He has trained extensively with Nevine Michaan, Kia Miller and Abbie Galvin. He teaches at Katonah Yoga Center in Bedford Hills, NY. Having previously worked for one of the world’s largest bank traveling the globe in a hyper busy career, he found practicing yoga transform him from earning a living to living a life. 

Kosten: 59,- pro Modul; 150,- für alle 3 Module