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Do you want to feel self confident and deeply connected to your body? 

Are you experiencing PMS or menopausal symptoms that affect your daily life? 

Do you want to expand your radiance? 

Do you have a low libido?

Do you know that there are qigong and meditation practices that will help you manage hormonal ups and downs with grace and serenity? Practices that revitalize sexual energy, and enhance your health and well-being in the process,  including the health of your bones! 

Participants will learn simple ways to release stress, circulate internal energy, and perhaps most importantly, connect with the "Yin Essence" — that essential aspect of being that includes nurturing, creative, loving, and sexy energy. The effects of this work are powerful and include deep insight, better sleep, more energy, and greater pleasure in the bedroom.

Participants will learn:

•        6 Healing Sounds to Transform Stress into Vitality applied to the sexual center;

•        Inner Smile Meditation

•        To circulate energy in the Microcosmic Orbit;

•        Ovarian Breathing; and

•        Breast Massage to transform congestion and stagnation into loving, healing energy.   

 •       Clearing negative emotional energy from the sexual organs.  

 •        Jade Egg Practice

Please bring a sarong or long skirt and loose fitting top for practice.  Certified Jade eggs will be available for purchase.     Feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns, Fausta 347-834-4662 or     Instagram: sacredfemininearts