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Katonah Yoga® Basics Workshop at Metta Yoga in Phoenix, AZ

Experience Katonah Yoga® basics In Katonah Yoga, asana is seen as metaphor. How you move through a forward bend, for
example, reflects how you move forward—or don’t—in your daily life!

 For a healthy body and greater consciousness.  

 Explore and free up your body, mind, and ultimately your life. 

 Practice classical Hatha yoga & breathing techniques (pranayama),  

 Develop your depths for stability, ability, and self-actualization. 

 A potent and sustainable practice that transcends yoga trends and brands.  

 Participate in your own well-being.  

No yoga experience needed come with an open mind. 
In this workshop learn how to use measurement to have greater stability in your poses through
new awareness of your body, experience an amazing yoga flow and pranayama breathing. 
Wendy is an author, speaker and yoga teacher, Join us for this extraordinary yoga work shop,  Receive a signed copy of TURN YOUR LIFE INSIGHT OUT, included in price ( $15.00 value)

Access uplifting, powerful, and easily-applied techniques
to feel and experience more peace, joy, and abundance. 

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