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Katonah Yoga, developed by Nevine Michaan over the past 40 years, is a Hatha yoga practice blended with Chinese Taoist theory, metaphor, and sacred geometries. It is both spiritually refined and eminently practical.

Asana is thought of like origami, where form is manipulated to produce a specific function. An origami cup should hold water. An origami boat should float. In the practice, one will develop skills and techniques to form the asanas so the shapes support the organic function. To fit and be fitting, to integrate ones body, mind and breath via form, function and imagination.

One is organized by being positioned at the center of one’s circumstances, occupying center and mediating circumference. The postures and techniques allow for greater personal awareness in time and place.

Katonah Yoga organizes the body on a template of the 3 x 3 Magic Square, with the body being the Magic Cube. The image of the sutra atman, the Golden Thread of the Imagination, provides the metaphor for the fabric woven by the imagination, the breath.

The pranayama practice supports the nervous system and guides one into a state of meditation. Using various techniques that incorporate the Magic Square and imagining the body as the house, the breath moves through the body integrating the mind, the body, and the imagination. The practice is invigorating, restorative and enlightening.