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We all have an electrical current running through our body. In yoga this current is referred to as Prana.  In internal martial arts this current is referred to as Chi.

Whatever we call this internal current, all traditional healing modalities focus on the moving of energy to repair, restore and recalibrate the body.

 Please join us for an afternoon exploration of how to DRIVE our internal current through the forms and fits of Katonah Yoga. Expect to deconstruct and reconstruct forms and frames as we drive the powerful triad of intellect, imagination and breath through the tightest parts of our hips. Our practice will close with the Recipe For Clarity, a deep recalibration of the body inspired by the work of Nevine Michaan.

Wini Linguvic is the owner of the elevate practice, in Pacifica, California.  Wini’s aim as a teacher is to provide an accessible and practical map through the mystical and often overwhelming routes of yoga. Her work is highly influenced by her time with Nevine Michaan, who taught her there is magic in science and science in magic.

The Elevate Practice