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Katonah Yoga Weekend with Eva Giorgi in Seattle, WA

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Join Bala Yoga and Eva Giorgi for a Katonah Yoga Immersion in the PNW!

To Start- Katonah Yoga is a syncretic approach to yogic and well-being practices yoked within the premise that life is a mystical experience navigated with technique. In this introductory workshop you will learn the framework of the Magic Square, an ancient Chinese grid of numbers traditionally known as the Lo Shu used as an internal compass and organizational tool to place you in the center of your circumstances; from your skin and bones, to the cosmos, using and embodying the imagination, our threading Narrative or “Golden Thread” for insight and joy. 

Followed by-  A class experience. Weave the Narrative through the Asana, moving from FORM to FLUENCY.  Fit and Function within form is the foundation of a Katonah Yoga asana practice. Learn to setup corporal geometries, to fit oneself and to make “fits” within postures that refine organ function and provide conditions for insight.  Mastery of metaphor will guide you through pranayama techniques to whip it up, transform your internal weather through glandular work and move into the realm of fluency using the five Golden Thread Meditations. These meditations are designed to wrap it up, leaving you well-held, well-packaged, woven, embodied. 

come for one or both!

*Illustration by Susan Fierro, Nevine Michaan's 2017 Magic Square Calendar

*Illustration by Susan Fierro, Nevine Michaan's 2017 Magic Square Calendar

Eva Giorgi is a Katonah Yoga teacher having started her yogic practices in 2005 with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga. Coming from a long and deeply held interest in the practical applications of spirituality, Eva utilizes her multidisciplinary accreditations and experience in herbalism, aromatherapy, tarot studies, performance and visual arts to provide a holistic approach in teaching and personal practice. She believes in insight through exploration and is grateful for those whom she is able to share with.