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Tuning the Instrument: Teaching the Therapeutic Private With Dages Juvelier Keates

You are a yoga teacher and practitioner.
You have someone who is interested in private yoga sessions with you. What do you do?

A private yoga session is different from a group practice. In a private, you tune your instrument, in a class, you play for the symphony! This workshop is focused on training teachers to work with privates. Learn Katonah techniques to precisely read and adjust your private students. We will cover a basic structure for sequencing and organizing a session to best serve the needs of different types of students. You will gain hands-on experience to gain confidence through applied knowledge.

Dages has been teaching privates for fifteen years and had time to try to help, make mistakes, learn skills, and refine her techniques. Private yoga sessions constitute the great majority of her teaching, and she has worked with an eclectic swath of New Yorkers during her career, from hedge fund managers to homemakers to hockey players.

Beginning in 2002, her studies have earned her accreditations in both the Bihar and Kundalini lineages. Her syncratic teaching style has been profoundly impacted by immersion in studies with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga. Recent collaborations include a series of workshops with Elena Brower pairing pranayama and aromatherapy, and retreats and teacher trainings with veteran Katonah teacher Abbie Galvin, Sacred Fig founder Anton Brandt, and SKY TING co-founder Chloe Kernaghan in Bali, Dominican Republic, Greece, and Morocco.


  • Working with injuries, older students and those with limited mobility
  • Body readings/diagnostics
  • Breakdown of frequently used poses and techniques along with their adjustments/modifications
  • Language: how to articulate Katonah Yoga theory to students
  • Working with props: straps, blocks, chairs, poles, sandbags and their substitutes

This training will be small and personal, enabling each participant to get the information that will best support them in empowering others. Specific questions can be emailed to Dages in advance, or feel to bring in your real life examples for mentoring.

You will leave this training with the confidence and skills to teach privates immediately.

This program include 15 hours bankable towards Katonah Yoga certification (see Katonah Yoga for more details) and a brand new training manual.


As this training will cover Katonah Yoga material, taking some Katonah Yoga classes is suggested. Study with any of the teachers at Katonah Yoga in Bedford hills, or look for Katonah informed classes at SkyTing with Chloe, Krissy, Kate, Alex S, Tommy, Maya, Sheri or Joanna. It is also helpful, although not necessary, to have some familiarity with the Magic Square.


“Dages is a master of both Katonah material and teaching in general. I felt like I received 15 hours of personal therapeutic attention from both Dages and my fellow students - all so eager learn the material and practice on each other. What a truly magical and enlightening weekend. More, please!”

“Dages is the best!! This course really helped me gain the confidence I was looking for to read and adjust my students one in one.”

“Whether your goal is to improve the experience for your existing clients or take on your very first one, you will absolutely walk away from this program with tools and confidence to do so! Having the opportunity to tap into Dages' extensive experience and her passion for sharing all she knows is invaluable. The set-up of the program was both professional and extremely productive; from the high quality materials to the vast amount of hands on practice each student was able to experience.”

"This training exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The wealth of knowledge and passion that Dages has for this practice is undeniable. This training will expand not only your teaching, but the lens in which you see the World."

“I highly recommend this training module with Dages. I left feeling empowered and filled with practical knowledge on how to give a therapeutic private. I was thoroughly impressed with the structure of the weekend and well Dages time-managed each day. Dages expanded my imagination of what a "yoga practice" looks like and how every body and every mind can benefit from these therapeutic poses and breath work.”

“The Teaching the Therapeutic Private training with Dages was an incredible experience. We learned practical, applicable tools for working with students one-on-one, and were immersed into the magic of Katonah yoga theory. The work was profoundly deep and yet playful. Especially as a vinyasa teacher who primarily teaches group classes, I learned so much and feel so much better equipped to teach privates. I can't recommend this training enough.”


$450 admission
10% discount for SKY TING TT and Mentorship Graduates