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JOURNEY THROUGH KATONAH YOGA a practice in asana + pranayama + theory with Carlos Lu

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The Vastu is delighted to welcome the teachings of Katonah Yoga to the space. Katonah Yoga synthesizes Hatha Yoga, Mythology, Taoist Theory and Sacred Geometry. It is a recipe for finding joy. It teaches techniques that enable me to access archetypes from the universe, which is awesome, mystical, intelligent and functional. Yoga is the dialogue between body, mind and breath.

In this wonderful workshop you will explore the template of the Magic Square through imagination, breath and body.

Learn techniques to occupy center and mediate your circumference. Use time wisely and orient yourself in time and space. Learn the Wraps of Time manipulated through pranayama.

Utilize the Magic Square Calendar to effectively organize yourself in time and envelope the Dhristi of Joy.

You will receive your own 2018 Katonah Yoga Calendar created by Katonah Yoga founder Nevine Michaan with price of workshop.

Carlos Lu is a devoted yogi and yoga teacher who seeks to inspire others to live a joyful, easeful and graceful life. He has trained extensively with Nevine Michaan, Kia Miller and Abbie Galvin. He obtained his certification in Radiant Body Yoga with Kia Miller in Rishikesh, India. He is grateful to Elena Brower for her teaching mentorship and is studying Tai Ji with Master Chungliang Huang. He teaches at Katonah Yoga Center in Bedford Hills, NY. 

My physiology is my neurology. My state of mind shows up in my body mediated by my breath. As my breath, so my mind. With breath work, I vibrate higher to the frequency of joy. By folding, unfolding, twisting and stretching my body, I use the Magic Square as an image bank to weave my personal narrative, my Golden Thread.